In 1835, my life began overlooking the beautiful Barnegat Light Inlet, but I was born with an inadequate light and would be unable to save anyone or any ships until I was able to acquire an upgrade. Years later in 1859, an extraordinarily creative person, George G. Meade, an army engineer and Union General in the American Civil War, who also constructed the Absecon Lighthouse, was tasked with the duty of making sure I was built to save lives! I was rebuilt stronger and substantially more durable. I was also gifted with a new upgraded light called a Fresnel Lens to help me see more clearly in the night sky.

I have saved thousands of ships and people from all the storms and troublesome times for nearly a hundred years. I worked extremely hard for those 100 years before I was declared a State of New Jersey National Monument – an honor similar to being inducted into the Hall Of Fame! I am retired now and ready for some excitement. I plan on doing some fishing, surfing, skiing, sailing, maybe running with the torch in the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Hey, we can all dream can’t we!

I am proud to say that now I am working with a team of professionals to showcase my inner personality and enable everyone to look at the world from a lighthouse’s perspective.

I am not the only Running Lighthouse on our great planet. Believe it or not, we are everywhere; you just have to look hard enough. Our team’s goal is to accentuate every town, city, state, and country’s favorite Running Lighthouse and allow you to take a glimpse into our world. We will take you on a journey through all our adventures that we choose to partake in.

The only question you have to ask yourself is, what will we do next?


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